Sunday, October 18, 2020

An autumnal tandem jaunt to Plön


Cloudy, but not overcast. Just what it takes for a dramatic sky.


Beautiful autumn light.

Perfect symmetry. The park behind the hotel offered phantastic
views on the lake in the evening light.

Lake house Plön.




Giant trees line the alley to Perdoel. For reference:
the wheelbase of our Peugeot TM8 tandem is 167.5 cm!

Manor Perdoel.

Ombres et lumières. Wet roads but not a single drop of rain during
the ride itself.

By the roadside. The rain during the night gave
way to a beautiful sunny autumn day.

Cafe Mühlenholz Heidmühlen.

Cafe Mühlenholz Heidmühlen.

Cafe Mühlenholz Heidmühlen.

Low autumn light filtering through the forest.

Nearly back home - Rellingen. Baroque church by Cai Dose.

Schenefeld-Plön-Schenefeld: Out (red) 97 km and back (blue)
103 km.

Corona - on our return we learn that the numbers are again
exploding and are grateful for the untroubled moments of freedom
during this ride.

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