Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Gorges du Nan on an electric rental tandem


D22 Gorges du Nan

As already in March 2022 (Combe Laval on an electric rental tandem) we came to the Vercors without our own Tandem, and the one for rent up here comes with electric assistance. 

Cognin les Gorges, Gorges du Nan, D22.
Cognin les Gorges, Gorges du Nan.

We took this as an opportunity for a tour we wouldn't have tackled on this humid winter day without a little extra help. 

D22, Gorges du Nan.
D22, Gorges du Nan.

We start out with a descent of the Gorges d'Engins followed by a long flat stretch on the Isère cycling path. 

D22, Gorges du Nan.
D22, Gorges du Nan.

After a coffee stop in Cognin les Gorges we head up the D22 which listed on dangerousroads.org as a 'defiant balcony road' to the Gorges du Nan. Some incredible drone footage.

D22, Gorges du Nan.
D22, la  route est répertorié sur le site de dangerousroads.org.

Behind the village of Malleval we cross Col du Mont Noir (1421m), and Col de Romeyere (1068m) before a beautiful descent in the evening light to La Balme a Rencurel

D22, Gorges du Nan.
D22. Gorges du Nan.

From there, a short climb in the Gorges de la Bourne brings us back to Villard de Lans on the Plateau du Vercors.

Villard de Lans, Gorges d'Engin, piste cyclable le long de lIsère,
Gorges du Nan, Gorges de la Bourne, Villard de Lans.
Nous n'aurons surement pas faits les 98 km avec 1825m de dénivelée
ce jour humide d'hiver sans la batterie de 1000 Wh du Tandem
Moustache Samedi 27 x2 de location.

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Cyclotouring in Corsica 2022


Like in 2019, 2020, and 2021, we took our vintage Peugeot tandem for a spin during our holidays.

Departure in Toulon: 11/10/22

Departure in Toulon.

Day 1: Bastia - Port Centuri 12/10/22

Breakfast after an early arrival in Bastia.

Morning light in the alleys of Bastia.

Old harbour, Bastia.

Little pass on road D35.

Descent to Morsiglia and Port Centuri.

Day 1: Bastia - Port Centuri.

Day 2: Port Centuri - Saint Florent 13/10/22

Departure from Hotel 'Le Vieux Moulin' in Port Centuri.

Îlot de Capense.

Coastal road D80.



Nonza, tower and church.

Day 2: Port Centuri - Saint Florent.

Day 3: Saint Florent - Ile Rousse 14/10/22

Harbour Saint-Florent.

Harbour Saint-Florent.

View on the Gulf of Saint-Florent.

D81, Selfie.

D81. Picnic stop, with a view on the 'Désert des Agriates'.



Ile Rousee - beach.

Ile Rousee - beach.

Île de la Pietra: view on Ile Rousse.

Île de la Pietra.

Île de la Pietra.

Day 3: Saint Florent - Ile rousse.

Day 4: Ile Rousse - Galéria 15/10/22

Phare de la Pietra.


Route de Salvi.

Col de Salvi.

Gulf of Calvi.

The Stoker enjoys the view from the Citadelle of Calvi.

...to Calvi.

Gulf of Calvi.

D81B. Half-island Revellata.

D81B. View back to Revellata.


Vallée de Fango.


Day 4: Ile Rousse - Galéria.

Day 5: Galéria - Porto 16/10/22

Perfect view from the hotel room.




D81. Col de Palmarella.

D81. Col de Palmarella.

D81. Col de Palmarella. Big game hunting.


D81. Shortly before Col de la Croix.

D81. Partinello.





The harbour of Porto in the evening light.

Sunset from the balcony of our room in hotel Capo d'Orto.

Planning the next day.

Day5: Galéria - Porto.

Day 6: Porto - Calacuccia 17/10/22

Capo d'Orto. View from the room of our homonymous hotel.





D84. Leaving Evisa.

D84. View back to Evisa.

Col de Vergio, view east to Lac de Calacuccia, our destination.

D84, Col de Vergio.

D84, descent to Alberttacce and Calacuccia.

Day 6: Porto - Calacuccia.

Day 7: Calacuccia - Corté 18/10/22

Hotel Aquaviva Calacuccia.



D18, route de Castirla. Bocca d'Ominada.

Day 7: Calacuccia - Corté.

Day 8: Corté: Vallée de la Restonica 19/10/22

Start from our Hotel: Casa Guelfucci, Osteria de l'Orta.

Vallée de la Restonica.

Vallée de la Restonica.

A small hike to the lakes.

Au Lac de Melo.

Lac de Melo.

Vallée de la Restonica.

Vallée de la Restonica.

Vallée de la Restonica.

Day 8: Corté - Vallée de la Restonica.

Day 9: Corté - Saint Florent 20/10/2


D5. Col de Bigorno.

Eglise Saint-Michel de Murato.

Eglise Saint-Michel de Murato.

Dinner in Saint Florent: Stoker with Pizza.

Dinner in Saint Florent: Captain with wine.

Day 9: Corté - Saint Florent.

Day 10: Saint Florent - Bastia 21/10/22




Col de Teghime.


Day 10: Saint Florent - Bastia.

Caltrop! Croix de Malte! Gemeiner Burzeldorn!

Fixing a puncture, many punctures actually.

We learned to watch out for this unassuming plant, because....

... because: "caltrops", "goatheads"...

'Rustine' means 'patch' and the glue 'Dissolutine' is sold separately!