Sunday, April 28, 2019

Tandem restoration tidbits: Peugeot TM 8 frame modifications and repaint

The original pearlescent white hat quite a few scratches, some specs of rust and we didn't really like the original 'record du monde' transfers with checkerboard graphics. And as there were a few modifications we wanted to make to the frame we decided not to hold back with the torch and go for a repaint complete with our own decals.

Peugeot Tandem TM 8
Repaint: Before and after.

Peugeot Tandem TM 8
Repaint: Before and after.

Peugeot Tandem TM 8
Repaint: Before and after.

Among the modifications we wanted to make were:
  • conversion of the shifter boss threads from M5x1 to the common M5x0.8
  • adding water bottle bosses
  • adding a braze on for a Simplex 'direct mount' front derailleur to replace the orginial one with the fragile delrin band.
  • reinforce the 'mixte-laterals' in an attempt to fight some of the frame's lateral whippyness
  • add a chain-rest
  • add a cable housing guide for the rear derailleur
  • re-shape the lopsided twin fork crown which must have been brazed in a hurry and without alignment
  • slightly re-file some of the generally beautiful fillets
Frame modifications: brazing of an M5x0.8 insert into the original Simplex
shifter boss.

Frame modifiactions: An M6 threaded boss was added in order to
accommodate a Simplex 'direct mount' front derailleur.

Frame modification: Triangulation of the 'mixte-laterals' in an attempt to remedy
the whippyness of the frame.

Frame modifications: Added chainrest for rear wheel removal and transport.

Frame modifications: Three pairs of braze-ons for bottle cages.
Choosing a color was not obvious, and we hesitated between the original pearlescent white, some blue, toxic green, metallic orange and candy apple red. Pearlescent white was not available from the powder coater, we couldn't agree on any of the samples of blue in the shop, nor for the orange which can be hit and miss, and the toxic metallic green we found gorgeous on the sample tends to turn out differently on painted frames we saw in the shop, so we finally settled on candy apple red which I like on the Velo Velo Orange Pass Hunter, and which works well with the decals of our own design.

Decals: Manufacturer Peugeot.

Decals: Captain C. Strohm.

Decals: Stoker C. Tonner.

Decals: Headbadge and fork stickers.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Tandem restoration tidbits: decals for the Peugeot TM 8

With the frame out for powder coating came the time to consider the question of decals. We were admittedly not very fond of the orange 1980s 'record du monde' decals with black checkerboard graphics. And we did not see any good reason to restore our specimen of the Peugeot TM8 to original condition. But we thought it a nice touch, to give some hints to its country of origin, state of residence, owners, and manufacturer.
Decals for the creative restoration of our Peugeot TM 8 Tandem
Decal set for the restoration of our Peugeot TM8. Made in France,
restored in SH. The northermost german state and 'la grande nation'
fly the same colours in their flags. Cut-lines in pink, grey for trans-
parent areas.
Free from period and other constraints we went wild and got inspired by graphic elements from a wonderful Ducheron, exploited the coincidence that the country of origin and our state of residence fly the same colours on their flags, borrowed traits from a famous signature, and finally chose lettering the manufacturer used about 30 years prior.