Friday, March 28, 2014

Finse 2014

Despite a week of strong winds low visibilities and the snow falling horizontally, we had the chance to kite up Hardangerjokulen twice...

Jean making his way up Hardangerjokulen in strong westerly winds and
thick driving snow.

Myself on Parawing 5 m2. Photo by Jean B.
Reducing the surface of the Beringer Parawing to cope with strong 
conditions.  Tying a up a few cells with miniature snap hooks to 
reduce the surface works surprisingly well. Photo Jean B.

Jean with his Advance transformed into a skisail.
Jean on the summit of Hardangerjokulen.
Myself and Jean on the summit of Hardangerjokulen.
Inside Jokulhytta: Jean posing as Norvegian explorer.
Jean kiting on the glacier

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