Friday, February 25, 2011

Finse 2011

One of those days... 

GPS track of one of those fine kiting days only Finse can offer.

GPS track of a solo day-trip in south easterly winds. 
The tour was in clockwise direction. Note the zig-zag 
pattern  from beating  up-wind. Start and end: Finsebu hut. 
Total distance: 73.8 km, total elevation gain 2312 m.

...only kiting in Finse can offer!

Some still frames captured from the Drift POV camera video:

Steep slope at the bottom of Blaisen. Big brother (Drift POV camera) is
watching me.
Kiting up Blaisen.

Jokulhytta on Hardangerjokulen.

Lonely world. My shadow and the trustworthy Ozone Manta 
M3 are my only travel companions for today.

Approaching the (military?) radio station at point 1560 m.
Back on the lakes.

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